Company Onboarding: One-Step vs. Multi-Step Approach

When integrating a new company into the system, you have two distinct options for handling the onboarding process. You can either opt for a One Step or Multi-Step approach. Below is a brief overview of both methods:

One-Step Approach:

  • createBusiness API: This single API encompasses all key steps of company onboarding. It simplifies the process by consolidating various operations into one call.

Multi-Step Approach:

Follow the sequence of API calls below to register a company, add KYB (Know Your Business) information, initiate the KYB process, set the company location, add a business user, and update that user as necessary.

Sequence of API Calls:

  1. companyRegistration

    • Register the new company in the system.
  2. updateAdminUser

    • Update the admin business user details created in step 1 - companyRegistration.
  3. addKybInformation

    • Add the Know Your Business (KYB) information required for the company.
  4. addCompanyLocation

    • Specify the location of the company.
  5. initiateKyb

    • Initiate the KYB verification process.

The step-by-step approach provides a more granular control over each aspect of the onboarding process, making it suitable for scenarios where specific customizations or detailed tracking is required.

Please choose the method that best suits your needs for the smooth onboarding of a new company into the system.