This section provides a step-by-step guide for integrating a new company into the system. Follow the sequence of API calls below to register a company, add KYB (Know Your Business) information, initiate the KYB process, set the company location, add a business user, and update that user as necessary.

Sequence of API Calls:

  1. companyRegistration

    • Register the new company in the system.
  2. updateAdminUser

    • Update the details of an existing business user.
  3. addCompanyLocation

    • Specify the location of the company.
  4. addKybInformation

    • Add the Know Your Business (KYB) information required for the company.
  5. initiateCompanyKyb

    • Initiate the KYB verification process.

Please follow this sequence to ensure the smooth onboarding of a new company into the system.